I don’t remember if I always loved cooking and baking but if I didn’t always, I can’t remember the time before it was so. I do remember making Christmas cookies with my MomMom, my mother’s mother and how much fun she made it for me. There was no wrong way to do it, making a mess was never a problem, it was just fun. My Nana, my father’s mother was much more practical, there simply were things that you “had” to learn, such as spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I think the combination of the two grandmothers was exactly right.

When I had children of my own, I don’t remember consciously trying to engage you by making cooking fun, I just remember how much fun it was for me to cook and bake with the three of you. Who was going to chop the eggs, put on the jimmies, sprinkle the cinnamon & sugar, lick the spatula? And at what point did you advance to the point where you could actually drop the cookie dough on the tray? Of course, once you got to such an advanced level there was a good chance I was going to lose you as an assistant. But all of you were great helpers. Even past the point that you probably wanted to help anymore. Cooking and baking with the three of you made me laugh out loud most of the time and want to pull my hair out only a teeny, tiny bit of the time.

Now, I love the fact that you all love to cook, that you call me for recipes and that you have simply incorporated the joy of cooking and baking into your life, thus my idea to compile some of the recipes that were part of our culinary experience as a family. Most of them were passed on by family and friends, some of them were taken from cookbooks along the way. And as is always true with your mother, my good idea seemed to evolve into a better and then and even better idea. After almost two years of typing, organizing, cooking and baking followed by picture taking I am finally presenting you with this long awaited book. It does not contain every recipe ever made by our family and some of the recipes are guesstimates because I have no written recipe for them, but I hope it is a good representation.

My goal with this book, just as my goal of cooking with you was, is that it will be fun. Should you find it to be a useful resource that will be a special bonus.

I am fortunate to have the most fantastic children and what good fortune that they have met and connected with partners who are also fantastic people…sometimes life just works out right! I love you guys!!!